The Author: Phil Tittensor

Although I have been the author of numerous neurology articles, I have, for many years, wanted to write a work of fiction. This website is largely devoted to my first project; 'Nubian Quest'. The book was inspired by a backpacking adventure in Egypt, married to an idea that had been in my subconscious for many years. This website tells a little of the book's story, from conception to finished work. I hope it may provide some inspiration for those of us who are sure we have a book in us, but never seem to be able to commit the idea to paper (or a hard drive). My blog is intended to chart a contemporaneous voyage to my first fictional publication. I'm just at the start of that particular journey, which I'm sure will be laden with setbacks before the book arrives in print or on your kindle! Still, I digress; this is supposed to be the page that tells you about me, so here goes.

I am born and bred in Newcastle, Staffordshire, an old market town that sits, at times uneasily, just a few miles from its city neighbour Stoke-on-Trent (where the pottery comes from). I’m very proud of my Staffordshire heritage (Tittensor, along with Biddulph, is the county’s oldest name), and Nubian Quest’s early scenes are set in a couple of the town’s hostelries. I'd like to think I'm still a thirty- something, but sadly the calendar disagrees! I'm married to Sarah, a beautiful, intelligent and supportive girl (is that a pc term at forty?) who is my absolute rock. I have a son, James, who like most teenagers, is interested in almost everything except what Dad is doing on the computer. He did 'borrow' a few sentences of an early chapter for school homework once, so I guess that's a start. Despite the advancing years, I still try to play squash with a great bunch of lads, most of whom I've known for many years. I also live for travel - never happier than with a backpack and a vague idea of the eventual destination.

So why, with all that going on, try to start a second career in something as demanding as writing? I could say because playing with words is fun, and it's true. It's also therapeutic, after the stresses of the day job, to sit and do something very different. Then there's the old adage, 'if you want something doing, give it to a busy man'!

The Novel: Nubian Quest

The novel is what I would describe as a thinking man’s sci-fi. It is set in modern-day Egypt, though the story harks back to the time of the Pharaohs. It is based on the story of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, parents of the child king Tutankhamen. Akhenaten ruled Egypt for a mere fourteen years. In that time, he transformed Egyptian society and beliefs. How he achieved that feat forms the basis of The Nubian Quest. Similar choices, if presented today, would have even more radical consequences. Without losing its dynamism, or slowing the action, The Nubian Quest poses a moral question for those of us who find ourselves living in a dangerously unpredictable world, early in the twenty-first century.